Rehab ClassWorks, LLC offers over 130 hours of continuing education credit. The Rehab Nursing Series is a comprehensive, independent-study program which can help you build the skills and competence required for success in the rehab field.


To begin purchasing, click on the license type below that best meets your needs. To order for more than one unit or for more than one facility contact us at 888-294-0412.


Multi-Unit/Multi-Site Licenses: A Multi-Unit or Multi-Site license is required for sites that contain more than one unit (for example a stroke unit and a general rehab unit or a general unit and a spinal cord or orthopedic unit) and freestanding facilities that contain more than 30 beds. Contact us at (888) 294-0412 for discounted pricing of Multi-Unit or Multi-Site licenses.


Unit Licenses: A Unit License grants unlimited use by staff of a single unit or workgroup within a company (such as a rehab unit, typically 10-30 beds, within a hospital or a rehab team in a home care setting), and provides all unit users with contact hours credit for passing the posttest.


Single User License: A Single User License is intended for use on a single computer by a single user in the home. It provides the registered user with contact hour credit for passing the posttest. (If you are purchasing this for use on your unit or to share with others, you must purchase a unit license. If you are interested in discounted pricing for volume orders, please contact us at (888) 294-0412.)