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Rehab Classworks,

I studied from three different sources, and yours was the most beneficial. I found it to be very thorough. It definitely took some time to go through, but if someone is determined to pass the exam the first time, the effort is well worth it.  I especially appreciated how the computer modules supplemented the book. Clearly, a lot of time was put into creating this course. The topics taught in the course were “on-target”; I can honestly say there was nothing on the test that wasn’t covered somewhere in your material.

Thank you for helping me achieve my goal!

Brigitte L. Easterday, CRRN

Rehab Classworks,

We are pleased to have completed the first courses in the Rehabilitation Nursing Series (Introduction to Rehabilitation Nursing, Community Reentry, Safe Patient Handling, Preventing Complications from Immobility, Mobilize Your Patients, Nutrition & Dysphagia Management). We are an acute 30 bed rehabilitation unit located inside a 450 bed trauma 1 center. Last year we increased the RN mix on the unit and had 13 new RNs join the unit. This series was a wonderful way to get the new RNs on board with the basic rehabilitation nursing philosophy and skills as well as a good review for my seasoned nurses.

We started this process in March. I am proud to say that 33 of my RNs and my-self completed these courses. The staff found that the series was relevant to the bedside care they provided.

We are planning a celebration for all levels of staff as the RN's could not have been given the time to complete the courses if the entire staff had not pulled together. Iroquois Healthcare Alliance was very supportive during this process.


Michelle Taylor, RN CRRN
Patient Service Supervisor
Upstate Medical University


Rehab Classworks,

Done! Hooray! PASSED! I loved your certification review course. It was interesting and enjoyable. The variety of learning tools was helpful and I'm sure it made for improved retention of information. I am very pleased that this old brain of mine can still learn so much as much of my learning for this test was new learning. I will enthusiastically promote your course!


Judy Ford, RN, CRRN


Rehab Classworks,

I just wanted to let you know that we are very pleased with the Spinal Cord Injury CD. We have been using it for training new individuals to rehab as well as demonstrating competency of current co-workers. This program has been helpful to both nursing and therapy staff who all comment favorably on the program being user-friendly and beneficial. We are so pleased with this course that we have recently purchased the Brain Injury CD and plan to utilize it in the same manner. The Certification Review for Rehabilitation Nurses will be requested in our upcoming capital budget request and I am confident it will be of great assistance to those preparing for the exam.



John Hawkins


Rehab Classworks,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and the contributors to the Rehab Certification Workbook. I took the CRRN examination and passed!

I spent many hours studying with the help of your program. It has been 20 years since I have taken a test like the certification exam. Even though I am experienced, entering my twelfth year in rehabilitative nursing, I found the Rehab Certification Workbook and CD to be monumental in helping me stay focused and organized so that I could reach my goal.

The CD program provided a fun, intuitive way to learn new information, relearn years of forgotten information, and to prepare for the written CRRN examination. I especially liked the thought provoking case scenarios, the anatomy and physiology review, the practice test sessions, and the time you took to personally respond to my questions and observations.

One of my favorite quotes by Richard G. Scott reads, "To reach a goal you have never before attained, you must do things you have never before done." Thank you again for helping me accomplish my goal by providing the tools for me to do something I have never before done.



Rae Quinn, BSN, RN, CRRN
Disability Management Specialist
MediClaim, Inc.



Rehab Classworks,

"This program is a creative an innovative approach to rehab nursing and certification.
It captures all the learning styles of various individuals and they can learn at their particular pace. It has different sections to enhance skills customized to individuals needs. This program reflects the excellent skills and knowledge of the authors. Everything about this series is stellar including visual media, information, format and especially the "helpful hints". I feel this is the best rehab education program that I have seen. We are excited to use it for new nurses and seasoned nurses. I would highly recommend this program to all rehab arenas."

Sandy Garity, MSN, CRRN

Nurse Manager

University Hospital



Rehab Classworks,
"I would highly recommend the purchase and use of the RehabNursing Series developed by Rehab ClassWorks. The content is current and case studies thought provoking. With the nursing shortage and budget cuts, we have found it more difficult to give nurses new to rehab the extent of orientation needed. Very often, mentoring staff are new to rehab as well. I really enjoyed the module on the history of rehab and discovered again why I love rehab so much. We are incorporating these valuable modules into every new nurse's orientation process."

Susan M. Wise, BSN, RNC, CRRN

Rehabilitation Educator


Rehab Classworks,
I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" for your wonderful CD on Certification Review For Rehab Nurses. It was such a big help to me as I prepared for the Rehab Exam. No, the exam wasn't easy but I truly believe that the CD guided me in my studying and kept me focused and organized as I began my journey in reviewing the gobs and gobs of information related to Rehab Nursing that I needed to brush up on.

I have recommended the CD to all the Nurses that I work with as I know it will help them too. I have to admit the last actual credit course that I took was when my daughter was two years old-10 years ago. My study habits were certainly not up to what I had hoped. Your CD was instrumental in helping me learn.

I am so pleased that I will receive such a large hour contact certificate for all the hard work. Of course passing the exam was the best.


Thanks so much again.

Cathy Garrett, RN, CRRN

Home Health

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Rehab Classworks,

I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your program, the Certification Review for Rehab Nurses: CD. I took my exam this morning and PASSED. I am not a good test taker and my studying habits can be disorganized since it has been many years since I have taken an exam of this magnitude. I really believe I would have failed the exam had it not been for your program. Again, thank you!


Ellen R. Glass, CRRN