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about us

RCW made its debut in April 1997 at the Subacute Care Conference. A prototype course on the Management of Elimination was introduced to attendees and received with great enthusiasm. Pam Masters-Farrell, veteran of the rehabilitation industry, combined her skills in education and training with her interest in computers and began developing computer-based training courses for the rehabilitation field.

  • Friends soon joined the team to assist with research and programming in the early years of the company. We thank them for their support during our early years.

  • Darrell Hampton currently provides graphic art support as needed.

  • Suzanne Bawden provides programming and organizational management to keep the business running smoothly. You will likely talk to her if you give us a call.

    Cheryl Micheel processes requests for contact hours and addresses other course-related organizational issues. If you send in a request for contact hours, you will communicate with her.

  • Additional support in research, QA, and programming are provided as needed by Janet Plackemeier, and others.

  • Beta testers across the country help to insure that our content is relevant and meaningful to rehabilitation nurses.

As the courses continue to expand, new authors and content reviewers continue to join the team to make sure we deliver the best possible program to you.  We have been very fortunate to have members of the rehabilitation team join us in developing courses that reflect the interaction between nursing and the rest of the team members. We highly encourage their input and ideas for facilitating integrated care and a 24/7 therapeutic milieu in inpatient care.

The Rehab Nursing Series was launched in November of 1997 with the release of Management of Elimination. Our survey of inpatient rehabilitation care units showed that this was one of the most costly and most frustrating problems nurses deal with on a daily basis. Other titles soon followed. The Series provides a complete library for the development of a rehab nurse from novice to certified rehabilitation nurse.


The Rehab Nursing Series is now in its Second Edition with a new course structure, containing updated and expanded content. We thank all of our current customers who have provided feedback to help us in the development of this update. This Edition provides multiple versions of the course content for single and multi-user settings, for Windows, for MAC, and for learning management systems. Contact us if you are interested in more information.
New courses will be added regularly and are largely driven by your requests, so please contact us and let us know what you need.


RCW vision
The need for more efficient and effective ways to deliver education and training is evident in our daily world. Downsizing and cost-cutting have taken their toll on education and training budgets while staff are continually expected to keep up with the rapidly changing health care world. The availability of high-quality and low cost technology has opened the door for more creative approaches to education and training. RCW was created to use this technology to provide cost-effective continuing education to rehab specialists. Our vision is to advance the learning and quality of work of rehab professionals while providing cost-effective strategies for training. RCW’s training products are designed to:

  • Increase the knowledge, skills, and competency of the rehabilitation nursing specialist across the continuum of care.

  • Decrease time and costs of continuing education.

  • Provide a framework for assisting unit-based educators in developing the expertise of rehabilitation nursing professionals from novices to experts in this specialty field.

  • Promote interdisciplinary care coordination, reinforcing the Association of Rehabilitation Nurses Scope of Practice and guidelines that define the criteria of 24-hour availability of rehabilitation nursing with specialized training or experience in rehabilitation for determination of medical necessity in an inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF).

  • Support certification in the specialty of rehabilitation nursing by offering a variety of learning activities to help rehabilitation nurses prepare for and pass the national certification exam.


how can RCW help you?
Effective and efficient education and training are a challenge in today’s do-more-with-less world. We are there to help you meet the challenge!

Our programs provide rehab-specific off-the-shelf training resources to help you fill core training needs. And, they have been designed to facilitate staff development by meeting learning needs as the rehab specialist moves from novice to expert.

RCW is available to help you meet your unique training needs by assisting with analysis, design, production and consultation. In addition to our electronic learning programs designed for self-directed, self-paced learning, we also offer training seminars in foundational rehab skills for licensed and unlicensed staff and for preparation for the rehab nursing certification exam. If your needs are more intense, assistance in analyzing your education and training needs and a review of your technology infrastructure are available including guidance in setting up ecnomical educational kiosks for staff training.

We can bring training to you! If you have 8 or more people to train and prefer hands-on in-house training, you can realize substantial savings over public workshop prices by having an in-house presentation. RCW staff can help you to develop a plan for implementation of an education and training program designed for your budget and resources. Contact us for more information.