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a little romance... providing sexuality education & counseling in rehabilitation


Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Contact Hours: Contact hours are no longer offered for this course.



Pricing and Licensure

Single User License: $69

Single UNIT License: $395

  • A unit license covers all staff of a single inpatient unit of 0-30 Beds for the life of the course.

Unit, multi-unit and facility pricing/licensure is determined by number of beds. Contact us if your unit has more than 30 beds or if you are interested in multi-unit or facility pricing. For more information on licensure, go to


Course Description

Rehab Nursing Series Course 15

Focus: Using the PLISSIT Model to Address Intimacy & Sexual Function

Every one of us is a sexual being with a need for intimacy, physical contact, and love. Issues of roles and relationships are very complex. The impact of disability and health conditions are many and varied and can affect all phases of sexual response, sexual well-being, and intimacy.

Across the continuum of care, the sexual health needs of our patients should be a priority for the interdisciplinary team. However, most clinicians caring for persons with disability have limited experience and skills in addressing these issues. This course helps to develop the knowledge and skills required to utilize the PLISSIT model to address intimacy and sexuality in those with disability.


Course Chapters

Chapter 1 Overview

The rehab team often avoids discussing issues related to sexuality and intimacy because of fear, discomfort, embarrassment, and lack of knowledge or lack of resources when responding to questions. But addressing issues of sexuality is considered a standard of care for the rehab nurse.

  • What care is expected of the rehab nurse?

  • How do you prepare to address issues that patients bring up?

Chapter 2 Sexual Development & Response

This chapter focuses on a review of normal growth and development stages of intimacy, sexual identity, and sexual function and how they are impacted by injuries/diseases common to rehab patients.

  • What are normal childhood developmental stages, and how are they supported in the child with disability?

  • What is normal sexual function and the sexual response cycle?

  • What is the impact of diseases/injuries commonly found in rehabilitation settings on sexual function?

Chapter 3 Promoting Intimacy & Sexual Health

In this chapter, the learner is invited to learn how to use the PLISSIT model to address questions and issues related to intimacy and sexual function.

  • What is the PLISSIT model and how does it provide a structure for addressing these issues?

  • How does the team promote intimacy, self-esteem, and sex appeal?

  • What could be included in the sexual assessment?

  • How do you get comfortable giving permission?

  • What do you need to know to provide limited information and specific suggestions?

Chapter 4 Posttest


Learning Outcomes:

As a result of participating in this activity, the learner will be able to pass the posttest with a score of 80% or better, demonstrating knowledge of:

  • Strategies to overcome some of the barriers to addressing sexual concerns as part of the routine care of patients.

  • The potential impact of disability on intimacy and sexuality.

  • Normal physiology of sexual function.

  • Changes in sexual function as a result of common rehab diagnoses.

  • Care standards related to intimacy and sexuality.

  • Strategies for facilitating patient education and promoting intimacy and sexual health.

  • The PLISSIT model.

Contact hours no longer will be provided for this course after October 1, 2019.If you would like to provide contact hours for this course at your site, contact us at for the details of the Mergener formula.

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