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1, 2, buckle my shoe... functional skill development


Level: Novice

Contact Hours: Contact hours are no longer offered for this course.


Pricing & Licensure

Single User License: $49

Single UNIT License: $345

Functional Skill Development Course Cover Graphic
  • A unit license covers all staff of a single inpatient unit of 0-30 Beds for the life of the course.

Unit, multi-unit, and facility pricing/licensure is determined by number of beds. Contact us if your unit has more than 30 beds or if you are interested in multi-unit or facility pricing. For more information on licensure, go to

Course Description

Rehab Nursing Series Course 3

Focus: Integrating with the team to provide highly-skilled functional practice around the clock.

(Courses can be used as part of the Rehab Nursing Series novice-to-expert staff development program or as individual learning activities.)

The Functional Skill Development course teaches the reasons why high quality functional practice is important to recovery and identifies basic skills that should be part of any rehab nurse's skill set. Addressing the basic nursing care needed to support the energy and cognitive abilities necessary for participating in rehab, it reinforces the need to work closely with and to learn from therapists as part of routine care.


Course Chapters

Chapter 1 Don't be an Independence Burglar!

This chapter identifies why the rehab nursing team members need to be tightly integrated with therapists and why they need a strong skill set so that they can facilitate high quality functional practice when patients are under their care.

  • Are you an Independence Burglar?

  • Do you contaminate functonal practice?

Chapter 2 Functional Skills Toolbox

You cannot provide high-quality practice without core knowledge of neurological recovery and functional posture and movement, all of which are impacted by cognitive performance. This chapter identifies the tools that need to be in your functional care tool box.

  • How do you create a therapeutic rehab environment?

  • Why is an understanding of normal biomechanical movement so important?

  • Why should you focus on facilitating the development of core strength?

  • How do patients recover from neurological injury?

Chapter 3 Functional Skills Rehabilitation

This chapter provides an introduction to basic principles that can be applied during routine care to prevent contamination and participate in planned progression.

  • What nursing care provides healthy foundations for participation in functional recovery?

  • How do rehab nurses incorporate core strength building during routine care?

  • What strategies help rehab nurses participate in high-quality funtional skills practice?

Chapter 4 Posttest


Learning Outcomes:

As a result of participating in this activity, the learner will be able to pass the posttest with a score of 80% or better, demonstrating knowledge of:

  • The impact of disability and dependence on the home caregiver

  • Contaminated practice and independence burglary in routine rehab nursing care

  • The rehab nursing team’s role in participating in planned progression, allowing high-quality practice to occur around the clock


Contact hours no longer will be provided for this course after October 1, 2019.If you would like to provide contact hours for this course at your site, contact us at for the details of the Mergener formula.


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